The name of this organization is the Council of Connecticut Academic Library Directors, a nonprofit organization. It is hereinafter referred to as the Council.


The purpose of the Council is to improve and expand services and resources offered by individual members.


Section 1.Full membership is open to any Connecticut academic institution, regardless of its governance, source of funding, or constituency. The sole voting representative of each institution shall be the person who directs the Library. The Executive Committee will make final decisions regarding membership.

Section 2.Each director, hereinafter referred to as Full Member Representative, shall have one vote. A full Member Representative shall be present in order to cast his/her vote. In his/her absence, a Full Member Representative may send a substitute, but this substitute shall not have voting privileges. When an institution's library directorship is vacant, the institution may designate a temporary Representative, who shall have full voting rights.

Section 3.Half the Full Member Representative plus one shall constitute a quorum for regular business and voting purposes. A simple majority vote is sufficient to pass a motion.

Section 4.Emeritus Membership-- Any academic library director who retires may be accorded individual emeritus membership through a two-thirds vote of the full Member Representatives present and voting. Emeritus status constitutes a continuing invitation to attend CCALD's professional presentations an luncheons, but excludes attendance and participation in CCALD business meetings and any organizational matters pertaining to the Council. Membership fees will be waived for emeritus members.


Section 1. The officers of the Council shall be a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Vice-Chair will serve as Chair-elect and assume chair responsibilities the following year. The outgoing Chair will serve as the Chair of the Nominations Committee.

Section 2.Officers shall be elected from the membership by a simple majority vote of the Full Member Representatives.

Nominations will be made from the floor by Full Member Representatives and must be seconded.

Elections shall take place at the May meeting and the new officers will assume their duties July 1. Officers will serve a one-year term July 1 - June 30 with the exception of the Treasurer whose term will be two years.

Section 3. Should a vacancy occur within the offices of the Vice-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer, the unexpired term will be filled by a full Member Representative nominated by the remaining officers and elected by the membership.


Section 1.The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Full Membership.

Section 2.The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in the absence or disability of the Chair.

Section 3.The Secretary shall have charge of the records of the Council and shall be responsible for the minutes of the meetings of the Full Membership.

Section 4.The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Council and shall be responsible of keeping accurate records of accounts showing receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the timely collection of all amounts owing and due to the Council and for the payment from its funds of all obligations of the Council as approved by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall present a written report at each regular meeting of the full membership.


Section 1.The fiscal year of the Council shall be that of the State of Connecticut. The membership year shall be the same.

Section 2.All full member shall pay annual dues recommended by the Treasurer, approved by the Executive Committee, and adopted by the full membership no later than the April meeting of the prior FY. Dues payment shall be made by September 30.

Section 3.Non-payment of dues within 60 days of the due date shall constitute grounds for termination of membership. Membership may be reinstated by payment of full dues for the current fiscal year.

Section 4.The Treasurer shall prepare a fiscal year budget of expenses and income and a dues structure for the next fiscal year, both of which shall be approved by the Executive Committee and submitted to the voting membership for consideration and adoption at the April meeting. Copies of the proposed budget and dues structure shall be sent to Full Members Representatives at least fifteen days before the April meeting.


Section 1.The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Council's officers.
(a) The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Council between regular meetings and shall be empowered to act between meetings. All actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be submitted to the full membership at its next regular meeting for ratification.

(b)Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at the call of the Chair or upon the oral or written petition of any tow of its members.

Section 2.There shall be Special Committees established as the Executive Committee shall deem necessary and charged with their duties by the Executive Committee. Chairpersons and members of Special Committees shall be appointed by the Chair with the advice of the Executive Committee.

All Special Committees shall go out of existence at the end of the FY unless their continued existence is recommended by the Executive Committee and ratified by the full membership.


Section 1.The Council shall meet once each month for at least nine months out of each fiscal year at a time agreed upon at the previous meeting. Full Member Representatives will take turns hosting the meeting.

Section 2.Special meetings of the full membership may be called upon ten days notice by the Executive Committee.


These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the full membership by a tow-thirds vote of the Full Member Representatives present and voting. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee and to the Full Member Representatives at least ten days before the meeting at which they are to be discussed. All amendments shall become effective immediately upon adjournment of the meetings at which they are approved.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order newly revised shall govern the Council in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws or any special rules of the Council.


The Council may be dissolved at any regular meeting of the full membership by two-thirds vote of the total voting Full Member Representatives, provided that 15 days notice of this proposal has been sent to the Full Member Representatives. Proxies will be recognized for this purpose. In the event of a vote to dissolve, the Full Member Representatives shall set forth the date of such actual dissolution, except that such date shall not be less than 60 days following the date of action. Funds remaining to the credit of the Council after payment of all bills and obligations shall be disbursed equally to the then current full members in good standing.

Bylaws/ drafted 5-4-94 - draft revised 6-16-94 and 7-8-94; bylaws adopted 7-8-94.
Revised 10-7-94 to reflect the official name of the organization, voted by
the membership 10-7-94, i.e. "Council of Connecticut Academic Library
Directors." Revised 3-7-97 to reflect a change in the Treasurer's term
(Article IV, Section 2). Revised 9-5-97 to reflect membership modification
(Article III, Section 4). Revised 12-5-97 to reflect Emeritus Membership

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