This page provides links Professor Rafferty's courses.  


These blogs link to many numerous other good blogs.  You should find one or two that you like and read them regularly.  If you think that I should add a link to a blog then let me know.


        Angry Bear (various economists and business owners)
        Baseline Scenario (Simon Johnson and James Kwak)
        Balance (R Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane)
        Bradford De Long (UC Berkeley)
        Director's Blog (the director of the Congressional Budget Office currently Doug Elmendorf)
        Echoes (Economists such as John Taylor of Stanford blog about the lessons of economic history)
        Econbrowser (James Hamilton of UC-San Diego and Menzie Chin of UW-Madison)
        Economics One (John Taylor of Stanford University)
        Economist's View (Mark Thoma of the University of Oregon)
        Economix (various economists blogging for the New York Times)
        Free Exchange (various writers for The Economist magazine)
        Greg Mankiw (Harvard University)
        Library of Economics and Liberty (Bryan Caplan of George Mason University, Arnold Kling adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and David Henderson of the
        Naval Postgraduate Institute)
        Macroblog (Dave Altig and other Atlanta Fed economists)
        Marginal Revolution (Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok of George Mason University)
        Money Illusion (Scott Sumner of Bentley College)
        On the Global Economy (Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov both at INSEAD)
        Project Syndicate (various economists)
        Real Time Economics (various writers for the Wall Street Journal)
        Seeking Alpha (interesting finance site)
        Voxeu (various economists)
        Zero Hedge (interesting finance blog)

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